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Godly Leader Training Courses

The "Leaders Who Are After God's Will" (co-authored by O'Grey and McDaniel, translated by Chen Kairuo and Huang Yabei) is one of the training courses recommended by the British messengers of Christ. At present, the development of church and fellowship ministry urgently needs to raise up a group of leaders. The lack of leaders, especially those who are after God's own heart, has become a huge challenge for ministry development. Many church deacons, directors, and fellowship leaders, etc., have not received special training and do not understand how to do things in line with God’s will; some even bring worldly practices to the church to help the church or fellowship develop. cause losses. Therefore, understanding God's will for leaders and leading a church or fellowship according to God's will is very important for the healthy development of the entire church or fellowship and God's blessing.

Image by Robert Nyman
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