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Discipleship for Life Impacts

(Hereinafter referred to as "Disciple of Life") is a set of materials compiled by Professor Guo Zhenyou, the current vice president of the American Association of Christ Messengers. This set of materials is also a set of discipleship materials recommended by the British Association of Christ Messengers.

Why Start Discipleship for Life?

A relatively common and worrying phenomenon in the church or fellowship, there are three main points: First, "only begetting, not raising". After new believers believe in the Lord, the church or fellowship fails to follow up and cultivate them in time. These new believers, due to lack of necessary spiritual nourishment and cultivation, become spiritual "abandoned infants". So that their spiritual life cannot grow healthily and normally. The second is "enter through the front door and exit through the back door". A church or fellowship cannot keep new people who have been there because it doesn't get the necessary care or nourishment from existing members. The third is the "dwarf" of the church or fellowship. Some senior Christians have been in church or fellowship for a long time, are familiar with the theories of the Bible, and speak very spiritually, but they cannot live out the life of Christ. Described vividly, they belong to believers in the shape of "weak head and thighs".

However, if the formation of believers only relies on Sunday preaching or Sunday school (many Chinese churches in the UK do not even have Sunday school for adults on Sunday), it will take a long time and cannot be cultivated systematically. "Life Discipleship" is precisely for believers to not only understand God's will and the basic teachings that must be known to live a normal Christian life, but also to cultivate a new living habit that accords with God's will, such as praying , recitation of scriptures and devotions. These good living habits are very important for the spiritual growth of Christians.

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